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4 Skills: Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing



TUTORING AT HOME : Grade 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 + Placement Examinations at Universities

Vietnamese Language for Foreigners

Cooking Vietnamese Traditional Foods for Foreigners.


VELA has found the core methods to supply for learners’ needs as well as solve weaknesses that learners met. VELA has been applying the new teaching methodologies in order to help learners reach the fastest and best results in a short time. Instructors who have been teaching at famous universities and International Language Schools in Ho Chi Minh City are experienced and conscientious professionals. Several years of teaching experience, teachers always understand what learners’ needs are and guide learners passionately to get the best results. All the learners who study at VELA are at different ages and needs. The VELA online program available through our campus offers the same class content that is available in our face-to- face classes and group classes. The four major skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) are the core of the courses, plus there is extensive vocabulary and English grammar instruction as well.


These programs are cost-effective, flexible programs which make quality English language instruction available to prospective learners from around the world. The majority of the English teachers possesses a master’s level or higher degree in TESOL and brings many years of experience to their classrooms. VELA is proud to present its Online Programs designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English who wish to pursue their educational goals. All VELA Online courses are offered in different levels.


Why should you choose VELA ?


VELA inspires with hopes for learners to overcome fearfulness while they are learning English  through traditional teaching methods in Vietnam. Moreover, VELA are lighting learners’ confidence in order to help them speak English fluently. Furthermore, VELA also supports learners’ pronunciation in order that they can defeat common mistakes they have met while speaking English . We also help learners improve and master common English structures and provide suitable resources of  vocabularies in order that learners will feel confident to speak English in public and with native speakers.


VELA gives support to learners to have a passion for learning English and makes speaking English become learners’ hobbies. On the other hand, VELA also strengthens teaching business English for the workplace so that learners can apply what they have learnt from VELA after graduating. In addition, VELA especially teaches learners knowledge and professional skills to take part in interviews, meetings, negotiations and presentations at the workplace.


English will be used as a main tool during the time of teaching and learning ; however, Vietnamese language, mother tongue, won’t be allowed to speak in class because it is a major barrier for learners to learn a foreign language.


VELA always cooperate with Companies and Organizations all areas in Vietnam in teaching and training English & Vietnamese.

VELA always brings the best services for learners and we give learners a guarantee with the results that learners expect.


Candidates receive free full update and latest English Books, CDs and Extra materials during the time they are studying.


Learners can study:  3 days/a week : Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday or Saturday + Sunday



Studying at VELA BRANCH 1 – 110, CMT8, P.7, Q3, TP.HCM, VN (Floor 7)

ONLINE Classes 

Private Classes at Learners’ Houses: Learner’s requirement

Corporation Classes (at Companies): Companies’ Requirement


English Club

We often celebrate Online English Clubs every weekend for VELA Learners and guide VELA learners to English Clubs on weekends only in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.